A pump on the go !

Have you ever wanted to give up on a two-pointed ampoule, which is difficult to hide? Have you ever had to fetch water to swallow a capsule or a tablet? Have you ever had enough of swallowing several capsules or tablets before or during a meal? ERBALAB has found the solution to make daily life easier for you with its airless pump! It fits easily in your bag, for an intake when you want, wherever you are!

A maximum shelf-life.

The airless pump, in addition to its convenience, ensures optimal preservation of its compounds: it prevents air from entering into the pump and therefore degrade some of the active substances, often sensitive to oxygen, light or to heat.

The optimal daily dose.

Pressing the pump a few times per day under the tongue, you can take your daily dose with unprecedented ease! This delivery method will indeed enable you to take the optimal daily dose and thus encourage greater compliance for the maximum benefits and efficiency!

The ERBALAB bonus: a pleasant taste.

And because we know that mixtures of several plants do not always harmonise on the taste level, we worked together with specialists in this market to provide a product with a pleasant flavour! Yes, it's possible and it's a real plus: you'll no longer take your plant extracts under protest!


New PAG (Phyto – Aroma – Gemmo) synergy using microencapsulation!

For the first time ever, mother macerates from buds, dry extracts and organic essential oils are formulated together, in synergy and in dry format in a gel cap! This formula is made possible by microencapsulation: a technique which involves the preparation of individualised microparticles containing an encapsulated active ingredient. Doing so reduces the risk of interaction and provides protection, compatibility and stabilisation of the different ingredients in a single gel cap!

Fast and super practical doses

Traditional gemmotherapy and bottled essential oils involve taking a large number of drops – sometimes over 100 a day! Counting that many drops isn't practical when you’re short on time in the morning, for example ;-)! Say good bye to the hassle: with ERBALAB, get your daily dose in just 2 gel caps a day!

Never miss a dose!

This combined dose of different plant extracts will provide you with the perfect concentrated daily amount and make it easier to get the most out of our products by taking them regularly.

Odour-free, reflux-free

Our microencapsulated dry gel cap reduces unpleasant effects linked to the bad taste of certain plant extracts. No smells, and no acid reflux: you can take your daily dose worry-free!


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