A high concentration of active ingredients to enable quick and easy dosing !

With the single plant/micronutrient AIRLESS erbasub pump, taking several gel caps at a time is a thing of the past: 1 to 4 pump sprays a day is enough! We use titrated dry extracts to ensure a very high concentration of a specific active ingredient, recognised for its properties, and/or extracts with a high extraction ratio to ensure a high dosage of dry plant equivalent! The purpose of using titrated extracts is to provide the same dosage in every product even though the active ingredient content of a plant varies depending on the soil it grows in, the amount of sunlight it receives, and other factors. One example of such non-negligible fluctuations is the variation seen in wine from one year to the next.

Our 100% microencapsulated dry erbacaps phytotherapy formula makes things easy: our 3-in-1 gel cap combines the complementary powers of dry plant extracts, essential oils and mother macerates of buds. We guarantee high levels of active ingredients in our gel caps.


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