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The bodyguard

As a genuine bodyguard, his function is to ensure safety and protection at all costs. With strong physical endurance and good nerves hooks, she is working day and night alongside with its protected! 

Did you know ?

Vitamin D3 is the natural form of vitamin D synthesized by UVB rays!

80% of French people have a moderate deficiency

3% of the genome is regulated by this vitamin in the body

Indicators infos Plant extract :

A dry plant extract is obtained after evaporation of a solution used to treat all or part of a plant in order to obtain an extract with a dry consistency (water most of the time).

Extraction ratio :

It corresponds to an equivalent plant - extract. For example, 4/1 means we get 1 kg of a dry plant extract from 4kg of the total plant.

Dry plant equivalent :

The dry plant equivalent in mg corresponds to the total plant we should take in order to have the same level of active substances present in the plant extract.

For 2 sprays or 1 ml

Vitamine D3 10 micrograms/d of vitamin D3

Extraction 200% NRV Nutrient Reference Values

Kcal3,8 Kcal/d energetic value


Put under the tongue, directly or in a spoon

pression 1 to 2 sprays/d anytime a day

When using the AIRLESS pump for the first time, press several times to activate it

Ingredients (for 2 sprays or 1 ml): 10 µg vitamin D3 (200% NRV*); organic rice syrup; organic agave syrup; water; acidity corrector: citric acid; green apple aroma; Preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate. 

*Nutrient Reference Values

You should not exceed the recommended doses. Keep out of the reach of young children. This food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. Those receiving medical treatment should consult their pharmacist or their doctor before starting to take the supplement. Unsuitable for people who are allergic to one of the constituents. The natural character of the ingredients is likely to result in slight variations in the colour and initial texture of the product without altering the quality. Food supplement. 

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No need to eat cod liver oil to get your vitamin D!

Short introduction

In 1920 two American researchers, Mac Collum and Mellanbourg, discovered the presence of vitamin D in cod liver oil. The latter is composed of two types of vitamins: vitamin D2, of plant origin, which is found in food, and vitamin D3, synthesized in the skin under UVB radiation (ultraviolet (B) rays) when exposed to sunlight. Two-thirds of the vitamin D in our bodies is normally produced by the action of ultraviolet radiation (UVB) on the skin, the rest being provided by food. However, intake from food (fatty wild fish, shiitake mushrooms, egg yolk, dairy products, oils…) is low. In addition, according to our degree of exposure to the sun, the amount of sunshine in our region and the colour of our skin, we do not all synthesize the same quantity of this vitamin. It is therefore possible to have a deficiency of this vitamin. 

Active ingredients and nutrients

A deficiency of vitamin D could have consequences for different organs or systems since it regulates approximately 3% of the genome. Vitamin D plays an essential role in the functioning of our body.  It is beneficial to the health of bones and teeth. Vitamin D is thus recognized as contributing to the absorption and normal utilization of calcium and phosphorus; to a normal calcium level; to the maintenance of a normal bone condition, dentition and normal muscle function; to the normal functioning of the immune system, and to the development and healthy growth of children. 

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