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Never stop doing the split!

You don’t put any oil in any car engine ! For our joints, it’s the same ! As a car engine, the joints are the masterpiece of our agility. Well, let’s admit that’s not a very glamourous picture ! However, to maintain our flexibility, we really need to pamper our joint mobility.

16,97 €

30 caps

Did you know ?

90% , that’s the percentage of French people who have already suffered from joint pain.

1/3 , that’s the proportion of people suffering from joint pain between 18 and 24 years.

N°1 , the back pain is the first cause of disability of people of 45 years old and more.

Indicators infos Microencapsulated organic dry extracts:

Microencapsulated organic dry extracts are obtained by evaporating a solution made from all or part of a solid plant using a solvent (most often water).

Microencapsulated organic essential oils:

Each oil is obtained by steam distilling the aromatic molecules of the plant. The aromatic-rich water vapour is then condensed by cooling. The essence recipient collects two non-miscible components: the essential oil and the herbal distillate (or hydrolate). The essential oils are then microencapsulated together in microspheres so they can be combined with dry extracts and mother macerates of buds in a single gel cap.

Microencapsulated organic mother macerates of buds:

Microencapsulated organic mother macerates of buds are obtained by steeping the buds in a blend of different solvents (water, glycerine and alcohol) for several weeks to extract all the active ingredients. A pressing and filtration phase follows to recover a highly concentrated substance.

These three types of ingredients are then separately microencapsulated in microspheres so they can be combined in a single gel cap.

For 2 caps or 1 180 mg

Extrait750 mg/j organic dry extracts

Extraction100 mg/j organic essential oils

Bourgeons 100 mg/j organic mother macerates of buds

Kcal Microencapsulaed active ingredients


With a large glass of water

pression 1 to 2 caps per day

Ingredients (for 2 caps or 1 180 mg): 250 mg dry extract of organic turmeric rhizomes (Curcuma longa L.) 30/1 titrated by 95% in curcuminoids ; 200 mg dried extract of organic bamboo (Bambusa arundinaceae) 12/1 titrated by 25% in silica ; 150 mg dry extract of organic roots of harpagophytum (Harpagophytum procumbens) 2-5/1 titrated by 2,7% in harpagosides ; 150 mg dry extract of organic resin of boswellia (Boswellia serrata) 5/1 titrated by 10% in boswellic acid ; 50 mg essential oil of organic ginger (Zingiber officinalis) ; 50 mg essential oil of organic lemon eucalypstus (Eucalyptus citriodora ) ; 50 mg bud mother macerate of organic scotch pine (Pinus sylvestris) ; 50 mg bud mother macerate of organic Blackcurrant (Ribes nigrum) ; 20 mg black peppercorns powder (Piper nigrum) ; anti-caking agent: talcum powder ; poudre de talc ; gélule : hypromellose.

You should not exceed the recommended doses. Keep out of the reach of young children. This food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. This product is not recommended for children under 6 years old, pregnant or lactating women. Those receiving medical treatment, should consult their pharmacist or doctor before starting to take the supplement. Unsuitable for people who are allergic to one of the constituents. Food supplement.

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Turmeric :

The Turmeric, most commonly called The Indian Saffron, is a perennial plant. The rhizome, the underground part of the stem, is the used part. Once transformed into powder, it’s an important source of curcuminoids which are powerful antioxidant. It helps to maintain the joint and the tendons flexibility. Moreover, it plays a role on the blood flow, the digestion, the memory and on the skin. It is considered as a « do-it-all » plant in traditional Chinese, Japanese and Thai medicine.

Bamboo :

Once used as a building material in China, transformed into paper in India and employed as a torture instrument in the Far East, bamboo is a versatile and surprising vegetal. Bamboo can reach (a height of) 4,000 meters in the tropical forests and it can grow of 144 meters each year, in the South of France. Little story : every day, 5.2 million pair of sticks made of bamboo are used through the world. Moreover, bamboo is an important source of minerals because it contains a lot of silica (essential for the bones and the joints). 

Harpagophytum :

Harpagophytum is a perennial plant of African origin (originally from Africa). It has built its reputation on its tubercular stems usually used by the european herbal medicine for the joint comfort. Victim of its own success, harpagophytum becomes (suddenly became) the most used painkiller in Europe. In 2008, in order to regulate its harvest, the Namibian Governement established a new harvesting technique which protects the plant without hearting the stem. It may then reconstitute itself.

Boswellia :

Boswellia is a tree belonging to the family of Burseraceae which can reach (an heigth of) 8 meters. There are both female (called golf) and male (named tay) trees. Between february and june, the trunk of the male tree and its biggest branches are incised (cut) at different points in order to free (release) a precious yellow resin. On average, 10 years are needed to harvest the resin of a mature male tree. Once hardened on contact with air, the resin is used in herbal medicine for the joint comfort.

Ginger :

Originally from India and Malaysia, it was one of the first spices to be imported via the Red Sea. In Egypt, ginger was used in the mummification process. Moreover, in the Middle Ages, it was very expensive, therefore it was often used as an exchange currency and gave rise to a tax.

Lemon eucalyptus :

The name « eucalyptus » came from the greek « eú kályptus » which means « well hidden ». Indeed, its flowers are obscured by its petals which create an operculum above them. Eucalyptus, also called the « koala tree » or the « breasing oil », comes from Australia, particularly from Tosmania province. There are more than 500 kind of eucalyptus ; from the 4 meters shrub to the 60 meters tree. Eucalyptus used to be known for its absorbing properties. Indeed, it absorbes the water from the ground. Today, it is used for its qualities regarding the joint comfort.

Blackcurrant :

Blackcurrant has been cultivated in Bourgogne since the 16th century. However, its use has only been globalized in 1712, right after the publication of a book from Abbot Bailly de Montaran called « the remarkable properties of the blackcurrant ». This treaty is the first one that flaunt the blackcurrant virtues.

Scotch pine :

Also known as the « North Pine », the Scotch pine covers almost 20% of the French forests and can reach an height of 35 meters. The ancient stories give it a place of note ; in the mythology, the nymph Pithys, coveted by Pan, escapes from him by changing herself into a black pine. In the Middle Age, the pine is associated to the knowledge and the immortality. For example, in the novel Tristan and Isolde, they met under a pine in the heart of the garden. From a medicinal point of view, the shoots and the needles of the Scotch pine are distilled and used in herbal medicine because of the properties of their pine-forest and monoterpene. 

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