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Melissa officinalis & Valeriana officinalis

Sweet dreams!

She's softness incarnate. Calm and soothing, she's the most suited to tell beautiful stories at bedtime. When she sits down on the edge of the bed, she gives you no chance to toss and turn or mull over things. We'll forget everything else this evening, just lie down and listen... and off we go, into the arms of Morpheus! 

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Did you know ?

Lemon balm helps to improve sleep quality and to facilitate sleep!

40% of French people say that they suffer from sleep disorders.

22% of the French are faced with insomnia.

Indicators infos Plant extract :

A dry plant extract is obtained after evaporation of a solution used to treat all or part of a plant in order to obtain an extract with a dry consistency (water most of the time).

Extraction ratio :

It corresponds to an equivalent plant - extract. For example, 4/1 means we get 1 kg of a dry plant extract from 4kg of the total plant.

Dry plant equivalent :

The dry plant equivalent in mg corresponds to the total plant we should take in order to have the same level of active substances present in the plant extract.

For 3 sprays or 1.5 ml

Dosage 400 mg/d of lemon balm dry extract

Extraction 4/1 extraction ratio

Mélisse et Valériane 1 600 mg/d dry plant equivalent

Kcal4,9 Kcal/d energetic value


Put under the tongue, directly or in a spoon

pression1 to 3 sprays/d to take 30 minutes before going to bed

When using the AIRLESS pump for the first time, press several times to activate it

Ingredients (for 3 sprays or 1.5 ml): 400 mg of lemon balm dry extract (leaf; 4/1), including 4 mg min. of rosmarinic acid; 19.5 mg of valerian dry extract (root; 5-8/1); organic rice syrup; water; organic agave syrup; caramel aroma; acidity corrector: citric acid; preservatives: potassium sorbate, sodium benzoate.

You should not exceed the recommended doses. Keep out of the reach of young children. This food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. This product is not recommended for children under the age of 12. Those receiving medical treatment should consult their pharmacist or doctor before starting to take the supplement. Unsuitable for people who are allergic to one of the constituents. The natural character of the ingredients is likely to result in slight variations in the colour and initial texture of the product without altering the quality. Food supplement. 

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The lemon balm is native to the Mediterranean basin. Valerian comes from the Latin valere, which means "be well".

Short introduction

The lemon balm comes from the Greek word "melissophullon", which means "bees' leaf": in fact it produces nectar that the bees gather and transform into honey! Melissa officinalis has been successful in France since the 17th century. At this time a doctor concocted an original recipe for a comforting tonic drink based on lemon balm, which he gave to a Carmelite monk on the Rue de Vaugirard in Paris, Father Damien. The Carmelites decided to produce and market it in their monastery. This "Eau des Carmes" eased the sorrows of the ladies of the Sun King's court.

Valerian was a popular flower, especially in the Middle Ages, when it was reproduced in embroidery designs. It served at the time as a universal remedy, earning itself the nickname "heal-all". In Greek mythology, Apollo's little daughter Hygeia, goddess of health, purity and sanitary facilities, helped both humans and animals by invoking the deities through plant intermediaries such as the spikenard, valerian, mugwort and castor bean plant.  The valerian root exudes a stench which is particularly appreciated by cats, hence its nickname "cats' grass". 

Active ingredients and nutrients

Lemon balm contains many elements that contribute to improving sleep quality and facilitating drowsiness:
• Rosmarinic acid
• Terpenic aldehydes
• Polyphenols
• Tannins
• Flavonoids

Valerian has many constituents such as:
• Valerenic acid
• Iridoids
• Terpenoids
• Alkaloids

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