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Til night's end!

Put a stop to your tossing and turning, sheep counting, and mornings that feel like hangovers (even though you didn’t drink!).  The secret is a good night’s sleep.  You’ll have more energy, more patience, and most importantly, your jokes will be much funnier. Your friends will thank you – trust us.

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30 caps

Did you know ?

Only one of two people are asleep at 11 p.m.

Scientists recommend 7 hours of sleep a night.

4-7-8 is a technique said to induce sleep in less than a minute (inhale for 4 seconds, hold your breath for 7 and exhale for 8 seconds)

Indicators infos Microencapsulated organic dry extracts:

Microencapsulated organic dry extracts are obtained by evaporating a solution made from all or part of a solid plant using a solvent (most often water).

Microencapsulated organic essential oils:

Each oil is obtained by steam distilling the aromatic molecules of the plant. The aromatic-rich water vapour is then condensed by cooling. The essence recipient collects two non-miscible components: the essential oil and the herbal distillate (or hydrolate). The essential oils are then microencapsulated together in microspheres so they can be combined with dry extracts and mother macerates of buds in a single gel cap.

Microencapsulated organic mother macerates of buds:

Microencapsulated organic mother macerates of buds are obtained by steeping the buds in a blend of different solvents (water, glycerine and alcohol) for several weeks to extract all the active ingredients. A pressing and filtration phase follows to recover a highly concentrated substance.

These three types of ingredients are then separately microencapsulated in microspheres so they can be combined in a single gel cap.

For 2 caps or 960 mg

dry550 mg/d organic dry extract

oil100 mg/d organic essential oils

buds 100 mg/dorganic mother macerates of buds

KcalMicroencapsulated active ingredients


To swallow with a large glass of water

pression 1 to 2 caps per day at bedtime.

Ingredients (2 caps, or 960 mg): 200 mg dry extract of organic California poppy (aerial parts) (Eschscholzia californica) 5/1; 200 mg dry extract of organic passion flower (aerial parts) (Passiflora incarnata) 5/1; 150 mg dry extract of organic valerian root 4/1; 50 mg essential oil of organic lavender blossoms (Lavandula angustifolia); 50 mg essential oil of organic marjoram (aerial parts) (Origanum majorana); 50 mg bud mother macerate of organic lime tree (Tilia tomentosa); 50 mg of bud mother macerate of organic fig (Ficus carica); anti-caking agent: talcum powder; capsule: hypromellose.

You should not exceed the recommended doses. Keep out of the reach of young children. This food supplement is not a substitute for a varied and balanced diet or a healthy lifestyle. This product is not recommended for children under 12 years old, pregnant or lactating women. Those receiving medical treatment should consult their pharmacist or doctor before starting to take the supplement. Unsuitable for people who are allergic to one of the constituents. Food supplement.

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California poppy :

The unpronounceable Latin name of this plant was given by Adelbert von Chamisso, a German poet who wanted to pay tribute to his friend, the scientist Johann Friedrich von Eschscholtz.

Passion flower :

This plant was named Passiflora incarnata in South America because its shape is reminiscent of an episode in the Passion of Christ – the crucifixion: the 5 petals represent the 5 wounds, the 3 styles represent the 3 nails and the colours white and purple represent purity and paradise.

Valerian root :

Aspiring valerian gardeners, beware! It’s said that anyone who plants valerian root in their garden will become a slave to their cat. That’s right: the unique smell of valerian attracts cats, who have a passion for rubbing and rolling in it.

Lavender :

In Roman times, lavender was used as a perfume, in baths and for linen care. It was also used to cover up bad smells.

Marjoram :

Marjoram is said to be a symbol of love, well-being and happiness. Naturally, it is associated with the goddess Aphrodite. The plant is said to have been created by Venus to heal the wounds of Cupid’s arrows.

Lime tree :

Looking for a golden wedding anniversary gift? Lime is a highly symbolic gift which represents fidelity. It is said that one day, Jupiter and Mercury disguised themselves as beggars on earth – and were rejected by humans. Only one couple of farmers – Philemon and Baucis – took them in. In thanks, the gods granted their wish: to remain together in the afterlife.
So when they died, they turned into trees: Philemon became an oak, and Baucis a lime tree.

Fig :

The fig symbolises survival and natural wealth. It is easy to grow: it takes root in any rock crevice or crack to draw up the water it needs to survive. The fig is an analogy for courage, intelligence, and the will to live and succeed.

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