PAG (Phyto – Aroma – Gemmo) synergy for 360°, all-around body regulation

This first-ever dry-form combination of 3 complementary plant sciences: dry plant extracts (PHYTO), essential oils (AROMA), and mother macerates from buds (GEMMO) provides 360° body regulation!

Organically grown gel cap ingredients for optimal quality

An ORGANIC product that preserves all the natural effectiveness of plants:
• Natural ingredients that are carefully selected according to organic standards
• Farming and manufacturing processes that preserve soil, water, air quality and biodiversity
• Complies with an Ecocert certified organic charter
The gel caps used are also guaranteed gluten-free, vegan friendly, halal, kosher, GM-free and without preservatives.

Unique, patented microencapsulation technology for optimal bioavailability

Microencapsulation involves the preparation of individualised microparticles (microspheres) containing an encapsulated active ingredient. This technique reduces the risk of interactions and provides protection, compatibility and stabilisation of the different ingredients in a single gel cap!

This type of encapsulation protects and provides optimal release of the active ingredients:
• Active ingredients pass through the stomach and remain intact
• Delayed and targeted release of active ingredients in the intestine for maximal absorption

An expert's view

Pascal Suplie, Doctor in Pharmacy

“I was pleasantly surprised by the new erbacaps range (including erbanuit®). One the one hand it is technically elaborate and offers innovative delivery systems, and on the other, it applies a thorough knowledge of phytotherapy and its different forms. Combining dried buds with dry plant extracts and essential oils is a truly innovative step towards providing a more comprehensive response to our patients’ problems.
This range succeeds where no other has until now. It brings together the complementary strengths of each of these three sciences in a highly simple therapeutic form: the gel cap. In my view, this is the most comprehensive formula available. It improves the concentration, administration, absorption and stability of the active ingredients and offers an excellent combination of plants to ensure optimal efficiency. Erbacaps has gradually taken phytotherapy to a new level by combining ancestral know-how with current technology and delivery systems. It’s science in the service of knowledge.”

Did you know ?

Gemmotherapy – a ‘recent' science

Gemmotherapy first appeared as early as the Middle Ages.

Hildegarde de Bingen (1098 – 1179) mentions apple, blackcurrant, birch and lime tree buds in her writings.

Abbé Pierre Bailly de Montaran (1684 – 1775), a doctor at the Sorbonne, describes blackcurrant buds as an ‘elixir of life’.

Dr Pol Henry (1918 – 1988), the founder of this discipline and a respected homeopath in Brussels, focused on the study of homeopathy, phytotherapy and the effects of bud extracts early on in his career. He was the first to suggest that the meristem contains all of the informative energy involved in a plant’s development. He called this new approach phytoembryotherapy. The power of this science lies in the fully developing embryonic tissue of buds. These contain all of a future plant’s strength – and its genetic make-up: its roots, stems, blossoms, leaves and fruit! Plant buds are a concentrated source of minerals, enzymes, dietary elements, vitamins, flavonoids, tannins and polyphenols, at levels much higher than in a mature plant. Similarly, growth hormones (present in buds but not adult plants) multiply the properties of this science. Dr Pol Henry worked especially with pure macerations at Dolisos Laboratories.

Dr Max Tetau (1927 - 2012) was a phytotherapist, homeopath, acupunturist and medical director of Dolisos Laboratories. In the 1970s, after several legal battles, he was obliged to dilute the macerations. Dolisos Laboratories introduced first dilution glycerine maceration. Max Tetau named this process gemmotherapy.


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