Highly concentrated

No need to swallow several gel caps any more. One to four sprays a day is enough! We carefully design product dosage, and the quality and concentration of our active ingredients are guaranteed in all of our products. We select plants that are processed using titrated extraction and/or a high extraction ratio in order to provide, respectively, either a guaranteed % of active ingredients no matter what the product, or a very high dosage in dry plant equivalent. Three sprays a day from our pumps can equal dozens of powdered plant gel caps!
erbalab provides a targeted effect thanks to guaranteed active ingredient content!


Administering a product under the tongue is a preferred method as it ensures the optimal bioavailability of active ingredients:
• Active ingredients quickly reach the systemic circulation and bypass the liver
• Active ingredient content is guaranteed by bypassing the digestive tract


Our formulas are designed using strict guidelines based on a respect for nature and high standards in terms of quality and ease of use. We guarantee that our products do not contain gluten, artificial colouring, soya or GMOs. The extracts used in our pumps are of natural* origin and blended with organic agave and rice syrups.

*The natural origin of the ingredients may slightly alter the colour and texture of the product without affecting quality.


The AIRLESS pump extends product shelf life by preventing air from entering the canister which destroys active ingredients. Many active substances are sensitive to oxygen, heat and light, including vitamins and enzymes. Thanks to the airless pump, active ingredients are only exposed to oxygen and light the moment they are taken, and as a result, not altered.


With its easy-to-use delivery system, the pump is also easy to transport, wherever you go. In addition, the pump system delivers the optimum daily dose and makes it easier to take a product regularly.

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