Erbalab values


Like Etudes (Studies)

ERBALAB has built an efficient network of market professionals around the world to access the latest clinical studies, reports and analyzes on the plant active substances to provide products tailored to your needs.


Like Research

ERBALAB is constantly looking for innovation in all aspects of the product, from the choice of supplier, the galenics and to the choice of the active substance itself to offer you the best.


Like Bioavailability

ERBALAB has understood this: the bioavailability of an active substance or ingredient is a vital key. The route of administration is particularly central and decisive in the assimilation of the product.


Like Active substances

ERBALAB found that the ingredients are the cornerstone of the products and are selected for their quality and composition. They are the basis of each formulation, their essence and condition everything downstream.


Like Laboratory

ERBALAB is a laboratory, subsidiary of a group of Innovation, who wishes to break the codes in the use of plants today by offering innovative and unique products on the market!


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