Innovation at heart

An observation and a desire to offer innovative solutions!

Few innovations have emerged in the use of plants in recent years: always the same impractical dose forms like capsules of total plant powder, glass-vials or syrups, which make it complicated and often difficult to take treatments seriously and in the duration. The ERBALAB French laboratory was born in 2015 from the desire of passionate entrepreneurs wanting to propose a differentiating offer in the consumption and use of plants and micronutrients. With the guidance of pharmacists, doctors and herbal plant experts, ERBALAB with to come with a product that is adapted to the changing lifestyles of consumers:

1/ An easier intake of mono-plants and mono-micronutrients at anytime a day with the AIRLESS pump!
2/ The microencapsulation of the phyto in a unique association entirely organic of macerates of buds, dry plant extracts, and essential oils.

ERBALAB's mission is to bring you a modern and easy use of plants: plants, are not quaint;)

A French group with innovation at heart.

ERBALAB is the subsidiary of a French group specialized in Innovation, GROUP ERSA, having already proven its ability to provide for 8 years, high-end health products with high added value through its two other brands and Aragan & SYNActifs.


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