Our plant extracts

Supporting nature and organic products 100%!

We guarantee that none of our products contain gluten, artificial colouring, soya or GMOs.

• All of the extracts captured in our erbasub AIRLESS pumps are as pure as possible and guaranteed free of pollutants and pesticides. The extracts are exclusively blended with an organic agave and rice base for a pleasant texture and taste.

• The blend of mother macerates of buds, dry extracts and essential oils in our erbacaps is ECOCERT-certified 100% organic thanks to farming and manufacturing processes that preserve soil, water, air quality and biodiversity. The gel caps used are also guaranteed gluten-free, vegan friendly, halal, kosher, GM-free and without preservatives.

High production standards and careful selection of active substances

Our quality requirements apply, upstream, from the selection of raw material. Our raw material suppliers are evaluated and approved in compliance with the strictest requirements: we provide regular audits and conduct a systematic control of raw materials before use. Our supplier is certified ECOCERT and approach to the ISO 22000 certification The various teams involved, such as pharmacists, chemists or biologists ensure control of production at all its stages:

• Controls on crops
• Controls on plants
• Controls on the extraction processes
• Controls on the end products.

The material used is also from a cutting-edge technology to enable the control of substances of the plant world.
The French manufacturer of our erbasub AIRLESS pumps is ECOCERT and ISO 22000 certified. The manufacturer of our 100% phyto erbacaps blend is FCS22000 and ISO22000 certified and has BIO certification from Bureau Veritas for the manufacturing and packaging of organically farmed products.


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