The Bioavailability

The sublingual route: a higher bioavailability and assimilation of active substances!

Certainly we are too little aware of the fact that the assimilation of the components of a substance depends greatly on its mode of administration. The digestive or gastrointestinal tract, although it can be quite practical, has a certain number of disadvantages as a route: important alteration by the gastric juices, degradation by the liver, risk of irritation of the digestive tube, delay before emergence of the effect and even potential disagreeable smells and tastes…On the contrary, the sublingual route (via the blood capillaries) is a privileged way:

• It allows the dose to quickly reach the blood system and be circulated by avoiding the initial passage through the liver.

• It allows to guarantee the content of our substances as they do not cross the digestive barrier.

Microencapsulation: extended and targeted release in the intestine for maximal absorption!

Microencapsulation allows for the extended and targeted release of ingredients in the intestine. By using this technique:

• active ingredients are not broken down by gastric fluids as they pass through the stomach

• unpleasant effects associated with traditional swallowed gel caps, such as digestive tract irritation, or repeating unpleasant odours and tastes, are avoided


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