Our tips to care for your skin!

At every time of the year is a specific need to take care of your skin. Here are our 10 tips to deal with it throughout the year!

To start the year ...

1 / Purify your body: it is time to take control of your body and eliminate toxins using a detox "break". The skin is a reflection of our inner well-being, do not forget! This "break" is recommended at each change of season.
2 / Think of applying moisturizing creams and serums (morning & evening) to protect your skin damaged by pollution or the hard winter months ... so do not be afraid to abuse it! Consider complementing your creams with powerful antioxidants like pomegranate, turmeric or blueberries to boost the effects.
3 / Relax, take it easy! Think about the quality of your sleep.
4 / Drink water a lot and eat a healthy diet: fruits, vegetables and omega-3 for their fatty acids. It is a true beauty secret! 
5 / Above all, prepare your skin for the sun when the summer months arrive! Prepare your inner body by drinking carrot or tomato juice (for their carotene content) in order to have an almost perfect complexion.
6 / Try facial gymnastics! This method mobilize facial muscles and give to your skin its elasticity and tone.
7 / Pamper yourself and go for an eastern wax depilation for at least 3 weeks of peace, take care of your feet by offering them a scrub and do not forget to moisturize them regularly.
8 / Remove your eye make-up correctly with a soft cotton and move it gently. Remember to also moisturize around the eye. And you will get rid of your dark circles and sooth eyes.

When the fall comes ...

9 / Moisturize tirelessly with particular creams / lotions that will prolong your tanning and allow you to keep an healthy glow for a few weeks.
10 / Take your sport subscription or just register without hesitating! And in the process you download a coaching application, this one will help you in the effort!