The herbal medicine takes the turn of modernity!

In France, food supplements are on the rise in pharmacy (...). The preferred choice of this dispensary channel is linked to consumer confidence in product safety but also in the personalized advice delivered in pharmacy (...). However, the herbal medicine market, including the monoplante, has known very few innovations for 30 years, both in terms of dosage, of intake (twin peaks glass ampoules, capsules, tablets (...).

ERBALAB was born in 2015 by the desire of passionate entrepreneurs to propose innovative solutions in the use of plants and micronutrients. It is a subsidiary of ERSA Group, a group specialized in innovation, having already proven its ability to provide for many years high-end health products with high added value in the food supplements market.

With the guidance of pharmacists, doctors and plant herbal experts, ERBALAB adapted a highly efficient delivery system in the world of cosmetics in food supplements: the airless pump!